pastor james osborn nanjoJames Osborn Nanjo is the president of World Restoration Ministries and the pioneering pastor of Restoration Chapel International, London. He is an end-time, fire brand prophet and evangelist with a unique preaching and teaching ministry.

He is the director of Total Restoration Projects, an outreach mission targeted to send free and highly subsidized teaching materials he has authored to third world nations.

Rev. Nanjo's ministry also provides mentorship for many young people and young ministers. His ministry is blessed with unusual manifestations of miraculous healings, prophetic ministrations, prayer revivals, breakthroughs, and soul winning.

As an author, his books are changing the lives of thousands of people across the nations of the world with life-changing testimonies. He holds a Diploma and higher diploma in Christian studies from the International Bible Institute of London (Kensington Temple) and a Bachelors Degree from South London Christian College accredited by University of North Carolina in the U.S.A.

He is a regular speaker in conferences, prophetic gatherings, revival meetings, and crusades. The preaching of the gospel has taken him to nations in Europe, East Africa, West Africa, South Africa and the U.S.A.  He is happily married to Antonina Nanjo and they live together in London, U.K.

God has commissioned him to take total restoration and revival to all nations for the deliverance of all mankind and to raise an army for the end-time global harvest to provide hope for the hopeless.