T H E   P R O P H E T I C   C R E E D S

The Prophetic Creeds are divinely inspired statements of belief.  The creeds are powerful, monthly sayings that provoke faith to affirm our confidence in God concerning His promises over our lives.  They are written to conform to the theme for the month.  It is our prayer that these prophetic creeds will energize your faith to reaffirm your confidence and hope in the Living God.  They will boost your faith and remind you that are more than a conqueror.

M I R A C L E   M O N E Y


I am a child of Abraham

Blessed with the covenant of wealth

Rich in money

Rich in properties

Rich in investments

Rich in ideas


I am a covenant child of God

The blessing of the Lord makes me rich

He adds no sorrows to the blessings

Financial freedom is my portion

Miracle Money is coming to me

Financial abundance is for me

The wealth of the Gentiles is for my possession

I am born to be rich.


I worship Jesus Christ, the Lord of all

He is my Economic Messiah

He is my Miracle Bank

Jehovah Jerreh

The Giver of wealth

He gives me grace for wealth investment

He delivered me from financial hardship

I know I am blessed

More than blessed.


I am a child of Abraham,

My financial deliverance has come

I receive wisdom to overcome debt

I receive wisdom for businesses

I receive wisdom to enlarge my financial coasts

I will give tithes

I will give offerings

I will be a cheerful giver


I love the Lord with my everything

My Jesus, my King, and my Lord

You are my Source

You are my everything

I am a child of Abraham

I am surely blessed with the covenant of wealth.